Terminal Management of NEXGO CLOUD
The Terminal Management system of NEXGO CLOUD is a safe and reliable software service for terminal protection and support. At Terminal Management, market owners and support teams are able to monitor terminals and obtain rich terminal details to avoid potential risks. In addition, software and hardware management is open to companies to make it all in control on the cloud.
Terminal Deployment

Firmware Upgrading (OTA)

Application Pushing

Parameters Pushing

Remote Support

Remote Assist

Remote Logs Collection

Remote Locking/Unlocking

Remote Messaging

Efficient Management

Merchant Management

Group Management

Distributor Management

Roles Management

Terminal Management
NEXGO CLOUD adopts new technology to keep good connectivity with each POS terminal timely. you can manage the terminal in an effective way. That helps to avoid potential risks and troubleshoot technical problems remotely.
Remote Assist
Remote Assist is a tool that provides help and assistance to merchants by sharing screens remotely.
Commands from NEXGO Cloud will be received or implemented in terminals immediately, such as messaging, application updating, assistance, hardware setting, etc. There’s no time delay of the operations.
Electronic Fence
By setting the electronic fence, the alert will be triggered once the POS terminals are somewhere out of the fence to prevent improper and illegal use.
When market owners or support teams find abnormal operations such as unauthorized charges, high data usage, etc., they can lock the terminals to avoid losses. Also, users can unlock the POS terminals when it is all clear.
Through NEXGO Cloud, users can send messages to designated POS terminals,
such as greetings, news, and notifications. Messages will pop up once merchants receive that.
Hardware Settings
Users can adjust the hardware settings of the terminal remotely at NEXGO Cloud once some unstable or emergency happens.
Software Management
This function helps users conveniently and remotely manage the firmware and apps on the terminals.


(Firmware Over-The-Air)

OTA (Over-the-Air)

NEXGO Could adopts OTA technology to save mass data consumption by minimizing the software package during upgrading.
App Installation and Uninstallation
By using the software management function of NEXGO Cloud, security and basic apps can be pushed to the terminals, users also can uninstall apps with one click.
Advertisement Management
Companies can create their brand or product campaigns on various models by uploading the boot animation and screen saver to the NEXGO CLOUD.