Provides application development suite
NEXGO Dev is a web-based and interactive service platform. ADS(Application Development Suite), problem solutions, and support are provided to developers in this platform.
Users will get all the resources they need directly from NEXGO professional technical team.
ADS(Application Development Suite)
ADS is a comprehensive suite for developers to quickly learn how to develop third-party applications on NEXGO POS terminals. It contains compiling environment, manuals, SDK, sample code, download tool, etc.
For All Types of
NEXGO POS Terminals
NEXGO Support Team is Always at Your Service
There is a bunch of help documentation and solutions. Or you can submit a request and get support from our technical team.
App Uploading to Public Store
NEXGO builds a big platform for app providers around the world to present apps to their target audiences.
Developers can upload their apps via NEXGO Dev to the public store and share their ideas with more users.