A Cloud Eco-system to Manage Your Business.
An Ever-evolving and Open Cloud
Cloud for All Ecosystem Participants
  • Merchants
  • Support Team
  • Market Owners
  • App Developers
Terminal Management
The Terminal Management module of NEXGO CLOUD is a safe and reliable software service for terminal protection and support.
RKI is A Cost-Effective Way
NEXGO RKI is a remote key injection service that allows new keys to be injected into thousands of POS terminals at the customer site instantly and remotely.Users can check the key injection status and information anytime anywhere.
2 portals to sign in and check the status
  • RKI
Build Your Own Market Place
NEXGO Store is an innovative app system for market owners, developers and merchants,
different roles will find their opportunities here.
Release your apps to the world’s tier one market for merchants!
As No.4 POS terminal supplier around the world, NEXGO has over 68, 000,000 terminals deployed in over 100 countries and regions. Huge user base creates opportunities for market owners and apps developers to
attract hardware users to download the apps they develop and supply.
  • 68M+
    Terminals Deployed
  • 100+
    Countries And Regions
NEXGO Dev is Always at Your Service
NEXGO Dev is a web-based and interactive service system provides ADS(Application Development Suite) and problem solutions.IT support are also provided to developers in this platform.
If you have any questions, you can search relative keywords in the help center.There is a bunch of help documentation and solutions. Or you can submit a request and get support from our technical team.