Payment Speaker
The KD68 payment speaker is appropriate for a variety of microtransactions. It allows real-time broadcast and 4G communication to keep users informed about the progress of their transactions. Meanwhile, KD68 uses a segment display and TFT colorful display, allowing it to show the payment amount and a dynamic QR code. The user experience and scenarios were improved by KD68's features.
  • Dynamic QR Code
  • Powerful Battery
    Longer battery Life
  • Hi-Fi Speaker
    High Sound Quality
Segment Display
The KD68 has a 6*7 segment code screen that may display the amount received. The loss of unsuccessful transactions in busy and crowded settings can be avoided by collaborating with voice broadcasting. More than that, information such as electricity and communication quality can be displayed without the use of voice broadcasting.
Hi-Fi Speaker with Air Filter
The KD68 is equipped with a high-fidelity speaker, which ensures good sound quality even when the volume is turned up high. The built-in air filter effectively prevents the entry of dust, oil, and microscopic creatures, allowing the device to function well in difficult settings.
Powerful Battery
After upgrading, the battery standby time can be extended to more than 96 hours. Furthermore, KD68 can handle 1000 transactions each day. When a battery is not used for an extended period of time, its effective capacity gradually diminishes more slower. Every device's battery capacity is in great shape.
  • Longer Battery Life
  • 96+ Hours
  • 1,000+ Transactions
Dynamic QR Code
  • The KD68's 2.4" TFT color screen of KD68 makes cash register operating easier.
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