NEXGO SoftPOS Solution
Turn your smartphone or tablet into a payment terminal!
SoftPOS Concept
SoftPOS is a software based solution that can turn your smartphone, tablet or other COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf)mobile devices into a secure payment acceptance device
without any additional hardware or dongles.
Mobile Payment and SoftPOS
Mobile payments have increased at a steady pace over the last decade. Several solutions are now available to consumers to pay using their smartphones NFC modules.
NEXGO SoftPOS solution only relies on software and an NFC enabled COTS mobile device, which can instead of a contactless payment terminal. It is redefining customer experience and it is suitable for any market with high penetration of contactless and mobile wallet payments. NEXGO offers you one stop SoftPOS solution.
SoftPOS is the perfect solution for all markets
Small Shop Owners, Shopping Malls, Pop-up Stalls, Restaurants & Bars, Transport & Delivery, Service Providers