Inspired by Automotive
Aesthetics and Power
NEXGO G5 is a premium POS terminal in the product series “Portable”. Inspired by automotive aesthetics, G5 is one of the most modern and elegant classic POS terminals in the product portfolio. Being the newest portable POS terminal, G5 has been certified by the PCI 6.x which is the latest PCI certification version. It also uses industry-leading dual CPU architecture to get optimal product performance and security.
  • Top Design
    Inspired by Automotive Aesthetics
  • PCI 6.x
    Latest Security Standards
  • Architecture
    Dual CPU Design
Like a luxury car,
G5 is mostly designed with
metallic black and gray,
the body is fluent and with no complex
lines. G5 is clearer, smoother,
and more beautiful.
Bigger Screen
G5 is the portable POS terminal with a 3.5” big screen to deliver extraordinary visual and operation experience.
  • 3.5 Inches
  • 320 x 480
  • Touchscreen
Improved Ergonomics
  • Keypad
    P+R material, laser engraving, backlight
  • Battery Cover
    Screw mounted battery cover for multiple scenarios
  • Speaker
    Hidden speaker holes
battery cover
  • PCI 6.x
  • RKL
  • TR - 31 & TR - 34
  • Multiple Certificates
  • Multiple Apps
  • higher secure
  • Approved by the newest industrial standards of PCI 6.x
  • ECC Key Cryptography Supported
  • DUKPT AES Key Cryptography Supported
  • Supports RKL(remote key loading), TR-31 and TR-34 international general protocols
  • Supports multiple certificates, multiple apps can be authorized
  • Safer tamper-proof and signature-verification solution, higher compatible and secure level
Leading Dual CPU Architecture
Industry-leading architecture enables G5 to enhance product performance and the security level.
Power and Speed
G5 is powered by ARM Cortex A7, a processor with the speed of 1.3 GHz, and with increased memory 512MB flash + 268MB DDR.G5 is also premium on its performance.
  • ARM Cortex A7
  • 512MB + 268MB
  • Based on Linux
Use G5 Anywhere
G5 adopts Qualcomm chipsets and powerful communication module, to ensure fast and stable communication and strong network adaptability.
  • 4G
  • Wi-Fi
  • BLE5.0
Payment Methods
G5 accepts payments of magnetic stripe cards, IC cards, contactless/NFC and 1D&2D codes.
  • Magnetic Stripe Cards
  • IC Cards
  • Contactless/NFC
  • 1D&2D Codes