NEXGO Remote Assist
Help to troubleshoot problems instantly
and remotely.
The Remote Assist function of NEXGO CLOUD is a tool that provides access to POS terminals and helps to troubleshoot merchants’ problems remotely.
Remote support,
a cost-effective way to serve.
There’s no location or time limit for technical support teams to help merchants. Instead of on-site job, remote support is safer and more efficient during pandemic.
Precise problem solving by screen sharing
This function enables support teams provide remote support to merchants with their permission and troubleshoots the IT problems efficiently. Professional support teams solve tough problems fast, accurately and determinedly. It’s effective and convenient which can enhance merchants’ satisfactions.
Instant problem solving
With terminal remote caring, technical support team is able to find out risks or technical problems from terminals of merchants instantly. Problem solving will be instant as well. Real-time performance, convenience and user-friendliness are crucial when choosing a service.
Privacy and security are engraved in our mind.
NEXGO ensures that the Remote Assist is under the permission of terminal users. Before supporting remotely, it is required to ask for your permission so you can allow or not.
Remote Assist enables multifunction
NEXGO CLOUD operators can send messages in NEXGO CLOUD to POS terminals. That makes the communication between operators and merchants more convenient and straightforward.

Hardware Setting