Oct 22,2018
NEXGO N5 Innovators in Biometric Technology

In recent years, with the development of biometric technology, payment methods have also been gradually expanded from bank card payment, wearable device payment and QR code payment to fingerprint payment, face recognition payment etc. Behind the high coverage rate of mobile payment is the continuous impetus brought by scientific and technological innovation and progress. Biometric payment, such as fingerprint and face recognition, is more convenient than password payment and greatly reduces the payment time.

Alibaba, the largest e-commerce group in China, has achieved a total turnover of 213.5 billion yuan in "Double 11" shopping festival this year (11.november.2018), creating a new legend in Chinese and even global business. Data from Alipay shows that fingerprint and face payment has become the mainstream of "Double 11" for the first time. The proportion of payment completed through biological information is up to 60.3%, which is equivalent to 6 out of every 10 payments are completed through fingerprint and face, indicating that biometric identification has gradually replaced password payment and now has become a major payment trend.

NEXGO N5 Fingerprint Recognition Module

NEXGO has always been insisting on scientific and technological innovation, actively following the development trend of the payment industry, and constantly launching more high-quality payment equipment. Its star product smart POS N5 is taking advantage of the trend, keep innovating and making breakthroughs in technology. It not only supports common QR code payment, card contactless payment, etc., but also supports the increasingly popular biometric recognition technologies such as fingerprint payment and face comparison.

NEXGO N5's fingerprint payment technology not only saves users' operation time, its face recognition technology can also identify id cards, passport, driving license and other certificates, with over 98% recognition accuracy, which brings great convenience to merchants and consumers. For example, when checking tickets at scenic spots or exhibitions, customers only need to check their faces to know whether to buy tickets, so as to reduce the procedures of ticket collection and checking, making the experience more convenient.

Although biometric identification technology has brought great convenience to both merchants and users, its technology is relatively new, and its application in various fields needs to be improved and strengthened. NEXGO also needs to continue studying on the way of innovation and progress.

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