May 17, 2021
Do you want to start your own business? The cost-effective mPOS terminal K206 can help with that

Bunches of SMB (small and medium business), door to door services and delivery services appeared. NEXGO mPOS terminal K206 with its portability, multifunction and high-secure standard provides a better shopping and payment experience to merchants and consumers.

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109g weight of K206 enables users to hold it in palm (119 x 65 x 21 mm) and take it anywhere without the location limit. Moreover that, through Bluetooth connection to the mobile app, shop owners, street vendors, door to door service providers, stall owners, taxi drivers and couriers can just grab and go and do their business.

K206 can support the payments of magnetic strip cards, IC cards, contactless/NFC which facilitates various transactions and customers. It’s capable in different scenes or industries such as retail, hospitality, food services, entertainment services and logistics.

Generally speaking, K206 is a cost-effective mPOS terminal. It can help users enhance their efficiency, improve the user experience and bring convenience to them with its high cost performance.