Apr 02,2024
NEXGO Wins the Bid of Bank of China!

NEXGO proudly secured the world's first PCI Attestation of Validation(AOV) for MPoC (Mobile Payment on COTS) software, aligning with the PCI MPoC security standards. This Validated MPoC Software named NEXGO TAP is the authoritative source of MPoC Software Evaluated and Validated by a PCI Recognized Lab (UL Transaction Security PTY Ltd), Accepted by PCI SSC and subsequently Listed on this Website as an MPoC Product.

Renowned for its expansive local and global presence in the APAC capital markets, the Bank of China offers a comprehensive array of products and services. Similarly, NEXGO has cemented its position as a trusted supplier to major banks and acquirers both domestically and internationally. In the recent selection process for Bank of China's smart POS terminals, our flagship product distinguished itself with its sleek design, exceptional performance, and robust solutions.

At NEXGO, we are dedicated to a customer-centric approach, continually striving to deliver professional, comprehensive solutions. Our longstanding partnership with the Bank of China, dating back to 2010, underscores our commitment to providing them with cutting-edge payment solutions. From consistently making the shortlist to securing the bid, our aim remains unwavering – to furnish the Bank of China with the most advanced payment equipment for seamless transactions.

Looking ahead to 2024, NEXGO is poised to maintain its leadership in the POS realm while expanding into cloud services, SaaS, and mobile payment solutions. Our goal is to enhance the payment experience, ensuring it is both secure and convenient for all.

Join us in celebrating this exciting achievement as we continue to innovate and drive excellence in the fintech industry.

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