Nov 09,2021
NEXGO Global Team Building in Yingde City

NEXGO had an exciting team building the end of our conference in Yingde city! Right away, it was clear that nothing was spared to make the next few days unique and memorable for every NEXGOer.

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The day before the main events was reserved for the NEXGO Global Q3 meeting. There were summaries and plans report for every department in NEXGO. NEXGOers came up with bunches of good ideas for our business.

The events which followed on the next day did not fall short of absolutely amazing. NEXGOers head for the Cave Fairland which is located in Jiulong town of Yingde city. The karst topography makes it famous. We got to the inner by boat and were greeted by the magical caves and water!

After such a great event, NEXGOers were ready for more exciting games. NEXGOers climb up to one of the caves and took some beautiful photos. Also, there’s coasteering, kart, etc. NEXGOers enjoyed it!

The final day of the team building held a truly special surprise—Bungee Jump! It was absolutely stunning. We got some brave NEXGOers who jumped without any hesitation!

After such inspiring days, NEXGOers feel good to have an opportunity to get together. It was also an opportunity for every NEXGOer to let loose and enjoy the fact that NEXGO cares about every NEXGOer. Thank you to all who worked so hard to make it unforgettable.

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