Jan 24,2024
NEXGO Receives Global First PCI MPoC Software AOV

NEXGO proudly secured the world's first PCI Attestation of Validation(AOV) for MPoC (Mobile Payment on COTS) software, aligning with the PCI MPoC security standards. This Validated MPoC Software named NEXGO TAP is the authoritative source of MPoC Software Evaluated and Validated by a PCI Recognized Lab (UL Transaction Security PTY Ltd), Accepted by PCI SSC and subsequently Listed on this Website as an MPoC Product.

The PCI standard for Mobile Payments on COTS was officially released in December 2022 as part of the PCI Data Security Standard. Its primary objective is to ensure the secure processing and storage of sensitive payment card information on mobile devices. Encompassing a comprehensive set of security standards for MPoC front-end SDKs, software, monitoring software, and backend services, this standard provides a structured framework and certification path. It addresses the shortcomings of previous SoftPOS standards in PIN input and card reading, establishing a foundational standard for the overall intelligence of the payment industry.

This standard facilitates faster development and widespread adoption of COTS-based payment solutions by industry players, enabling acquiring institutions to expand their network of collection points more rapidly and cost-effectively. As a result, the industry has swiftly embraced this standard, anticipating profound impacts on the development of the payment sector.

Adhering strictly to the PCI MPoC standards and specifications, NEXGO has become the world's first company authorized by PCI to receive the MPoC product certification. Compliance with PCI MPoC requirements signifies that mobile payment applications must implement a series of security measures, including encrypting payment card data, enforcing strong password policies, restricting application access, and implementing secure authentication methods. Additionally, MPoC mandates regular security assessments and testing by developers and providers to ensure compliance with PCI security standards.

Embracing a path of technological innovation, NEXGO took the lead in researching and developing MPoC standards. Successfully navigating a rigorous PCI organization audit, NEXGO received the MPoC software product certification on January 23, 2024.

The attainment of this certificate underscores NEXGO's commitment to technological innovation and compliance with PCI Secure Software Lifecycle standards in the product development process. NEXGO's MPoC software, exemplified by the NEXGO SoftPOS Solution, effectively manages and controls network security risks, providing users with a higher level of security assurance. This certification positions NEXGO with the qualifications to globally promote MPoC products within the payment industry.

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