Jun 02,2021
How did you celebrate your Children’s Day?

Do you remember the way you celebrated Children’s Day when you are a little girl or boy? Would you get a bunch of snacks from family and friends?

How did you celebrate you Children’s Day

Here in China, kids always buy a lot of snacks after school, such as popsicles, chips, candies, dried fruit, etc. Besides, they are really into some games—rubber band skipping, catching marbles, iron frog…Yesterday, NEXGO made a “Time Machine” and brought NEXGOers back to their childhood. We prepared a lot of games and gifts for this annual activity. If you won the games, you would get snacks as prizes.

Popsicles—brings you back to the coolness in your childhood.

Sharing is happiness. NEXGOers share the popsicles just like they used to in their childhood.

Iron frog—reminds you of the flying time.

Wind the iron frog and see whose jumps the farthest. What an interesting competition!

Catching marbles—every single marble looks like a diamond contains measure.

The little transparent marble appeared quite often in childhood. We created a lot of games with it. Catching marbles requires skill. NEXGOers show their talent in it.

Everyone enjoyed themselves in this activity! We are not children anymore, but the memory of childhood roots in our deeper mind, and we do cherish it. We were raised on games and snacks. Possessing a marble, a candy made us happy and satisfied. NEXGO wishes all of you to remain young at heart and happy every Children’s Day!

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