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    Offering financial services and businesses through more than 225,000 locations
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E-Payment & Digital Transformation Leading Platform in Egypt
As a Leading Egyptian Digital Transformation & E-Payments Platform, Fawry offers financial services and a convenient and reliable way to pay bills through more than 225,000 locations and a variety of channels (online, using ATMs, mobile wallets, and retail points). Its network of retailers includes small groceries, pharmacies and stationaries, and post-offices, all equipped with point-of-sale machines – the same ones used for credit card payments. NEXGO built a valued partnership with Fawry several years ago.
As a valued partner, high-quality products are the foundation of NEXGO. NEXGO invited Fawry to the headquarter. Compared with other similar products in other companies, Fawry settled on NEXGO N5. The scale of NEXGO factory, the technical strength, and the quality of products are the factors Fawry considers.
“NEXGO N5 is class A certified terminal that is operating smoothly with minor issues that are easily handled, spare parts are available, maintenance is straightforward,” said Mohamed Elsheikh, COO of Fawry. NEXGO N5 is the flagship product of NEXGO smart POS series with the most comprehensive configuration that can be used in different environments or conditions for a high variety of merchants. The screen size, battery duration, and printing speed are very good.
“We are using NEXGO N5 terminal for almost 4 years now, the stability and quality of the terminal are very good, at the same time the terminal maintenance is not sophisticated at all which makes us in a good operational area.”
--Mohamed Elsheikh, COO of Fawry
“The reason behind contracting NEXGO by Fawry was the partnership attitude we got from NEXGO, we were never a customer and supplier, we are partners since the beginning, which resulted in a real fixable communication line and mutual success.”
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