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Clip, Mexico's leading digital payments and commerce platform, is the solution to accept payments with credit and debit cards (chip or magnetic stripe) on smartphones or tablets (iOS or Android). Businesses across Mexico such as cafes, corner stores, and street vendors have embraced Clip as a simple way to accept cards in a country heavily dependent on cash.
As a long-term cooperation partner, high-quality products are the foundation of NEXGO. The advanced R&D and innovation attract Clip to develop a partnership with NEXGO. Comparing with other FinTech corporations, NEXGO has competitive costs, service, and market positioning. That’s why Clip chose NEXGO.
The 5.5" HD large screen with the high contrast ratio and wide visible angle makes merchants and customers always clearly see the screen in various environments. With the 5200 mAh big battery and design of ultra-low power consumption, N5 can stand by for 168 hours on a single charge, providing stronger support for your business. In addition, each NEXGO smart POS terminal is equipped with a quad-core processor with four independent units and a security chip, quad-core processor brings better performance as more tasks will be accomplished simultaneously by it, at the same time, security chip improves the security level of these POS terminals.
“It is a very high-quality product, and it completely meets the needs we were looking for this device. We have very few cases where we need to apply warranties due to hardware malfunctions.” comment from the product Dept. of PayClip. “NEXGO’s response time is quite fast, it seems like there is no time difference between Mexico and China. Their tech support and commercial team are always available for us.”
Clip Total (N5) is a strong build device that can be used in different environments or conditions for a high variety of merchants. The screen size, battery duration, and printing speed are very good.