Nov 04,2022
NEXGO Daily—How We Support New NEXGOers

The HR Center of NEXGO holds monthly training sessions for new employees to help them quickly fit in at the NEXGO family and learn the NEXGO culture. Newcomers from all departments congregate here to explore and learn about NEXGO.

NEXGO has professional instructors on staff who are dedicated to explaining the company's organizational structure, corporate culture, rules, and regulations. During the warm-up, each group blow their minds and used their imagination to complete the tasks. The participants listened, watched, and remembered carefully during the formal training. During the interactive session, they could not only learn about NEXGO's unique corporate culture, but they could also use props to cooperate and communicate. They were able to use tools to form various shapes, divide and collaborate, and practice the value of "creating efficiency through collaboration" within the time constraints.

This new employee training was won by the second group, and several other NEXGOers also performed well.

We hope that, as a result of the new employees' enthusiasm, they will be able to move forward with a strong mind based on their jobs and improve their professional skills so that they can be more active in their work.

Newcomer training is the foundation in NEXGO. In the coming days, we will keep chasing our dreams, and creating a better future together!

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