Jul 29,2022
NEXGO Daily—NEXGO Celebrates Its 21st Birthday Today!

Today marks the 21st anniversary of NEXGO. NEXGO, as one of the leading international market players, is steadily moving toward conglomeration and digitalization.

NEXGO Celebrates Its 21st Birthday Today

On the occasion of NEXGO's 21st anniversary, we interviewed ten NEXGOers from various cities about their 21st birthdays. Furthermore, NEXGO prepared delicate cakes for NEXGOers to celebrate with.


In addition, there is a display booth stand in the lobby where NEXGOers can take photos and sign their names as souvenirs. Everyone had a good time! After 21 years, NEXGO is still playing an important role in the field of payment. We never stop exploring and growing. The industry standard and the trend about payment technology are all changing, but there's one thing in remain: create better lives is always our mission.


NEXGO is still an important player in the payment industry after 21 years. We never stop learning and exploring. The industry standard and payment technology trend are all changing, but one thing remains constant: creating better lives is always our mission.

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