Aug 05,2021
The Iconic Moments in Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Day 14 of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is underway. Let’s review some iconic moments.

The Iconic Moments in Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Olympic high jumpers decide to share gold.


“He looked at me, I looked at him. We just understood that it was no need to go. That’s it. It wasn’t even a question. This is also beyond sport. This is a true sportsmanship, and this is a message we delivered to the young generation.” – said by Barshim Mutaz Essa, Qatari high jumper


“It was just amazing and sharing with a friend is even more beautiful.”—said by Gianmarco Tamberi, Italian high jumper


Both of them competing for Italy and Qatar decided against settling their tie, opting to be co-champions and share the gold medal. The pair happen to be long-time friends. “Together” is a new inclusion of Olympic motto to recognize the importance of solidarity. Barshim and Gianmarco show it to the world in a perfect way.


China’s sprinter Su Bingtian makes history in men’s 100m final.


Su Bingtian set a new Asian record of 9.83 seconds in men’s 100 meter final. He is a miracle of the entire Asia! The pride of all of Asia with his record-breaking achievement.


“I ran out of my energy in the semifinal. Finishing the final under 10 seconds is not an easy thing for me. I hope my performance today can inspire younger athletes to keep pushing forward with their sporting careers” – Su Bingtian, Chinese sprinter


31-year-old Su was the first Asian athlete to reach the Olympic 100 meters final who broke the 10-second barrier. He paid a lot for it. Su finished sixth in the final, however, he still shines for history books.


NEXGO admires all the athletes. When they struggle, make breakthroughs, and challenge, they remind NEXGOers of how we always work for our partners and merchants by producing innovative and robust products. Congratulations to all athletes and salute to their endless pursuit for Olympic spirit! NEXGO is proud of all of you!

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