Aug 19,2021
NEXGO KD80, a Separated QR Code Scanner Launches!

FinTech is closely bound up with daily life. Consumers have a higher requirement of POS terminals than before. Appearance, functions, operation are highly considered. NEXGO KD80, a separated QR code scanner launches at the right moment!

NEXGO KD80, a Separated QR Code Scanner Launches!

KD80 is a separated QR code scanner connected to the Internet by 4G and Wi-Fi. It recognizes 1D & 2D codes rapidly. KD80 accepts the payment of contactless/NFC. There’s no need for merchants to input the amount, then pass the scanner to consumers and wait for them to pay since it can be used with the external keypad for both merchants and consumers at the same time to conduct transactions.


Merchants can put KD80 on the desk or hang it on the wall as they like. Connecting the cashiers, keyboards or other external devices with RJ11 or Micro-USB can create more combinations to realize different functions. Its flexibility enables it possible to be applied to various payment scenarios such as canteens, supermarkets, shops, etc.


The delicate design of KD80 makes it a work of art. A transparent base allows the light to go through without limit. The streamlined surface presents the aesthetics. Moreover, the 2.8” large color screen on the top with the resolution of 320*240 presents the payments and transaction status clearly. A wide scanning window on the bottom makes the recognition of 1D & 2D codes easier and expedites the transaction.


NEXGO KD80 is such an elegant, easy-operating, flexible, and separated QR code scanner that fits merchants' needs. As a leading corporation in FinTech, NEXGO never stops chasing innovative technology and products.

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