Sep 23,2021
Let's Check Out the Mid-Autumn Festival Party in NEXGO!

To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, NEXGO held a party and gave gifts to all NEXGOers.

How did you celebrate you Children’s Day

The party was on September 17th. NEXGOers made lanterns, ate fruits, and played Chinese traditional games. “Touhu” also known as Pitch-pot is a game of throwing arrows into a distant pot. It is a traditional Chinese game that requires players to throw arrows or sticks from a set distance into a canister. NEXGOers would get a sticker if he/her won the game, and then he/her could redeem two stickers for gifts.

Mooncake is the most important part of Mid-Autumn Festival. In ancient times, mooncakes were a kind of offering to the moon. Over the centuries, these special cakes have become the most popular food of the Mid-Autumn Festival. They are named after the moon goddess (Chang'e), who is said to make this kind of cake. Nowadays, Mooncakes are symbols of reunion and happiness. Every NEXGOer got mooncakes from NXGO.

NEXGOers enjoyed the time then and there. There’s full of laugh. NEXGO would like to share the moment with all of you through pictures and wish you and your family a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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