Mar 24,2022
NEXGO is Reported by The Most Famous Official Media in China.

On March 18th, 2022, NEXGO was reported by CCTV—the main and the most well-known media in China. As one of the innovative enterprises with high quality of products and services in China, NEXGO was awarded by MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China) and showed its success story in the payment industry.

NEXGO has been committed to the payment industry for over 20 years

As the video shows, cash was the main tool for financial transactions. Before 2000, the overseas payment terminals occupied most part of the market. Therefore, NEXGO made a breakthrough with the mobile POS terminal. However, there was 2G cellular network in China, security and stability were the technical problems that needed to be coped with for mobile POS then and there. With the technical foundation of security, NEXGO tested and did experiments for transmit power and receiving sensitivity of products over and over again. Finally, NEXGO solved the problem and built up its reputation in the market. From 2001 till now, NEXGO has been committed to the payment industry for over 20 years. “NEXGO emerged at its proper moment.” Said Liu Xiang, the chairman of XGD INC.

Research and development for core technology

Over 20 years, NEXGO has continually offered mature and stable payment technologies and services to financial institutions for their digitalization. Services and solutions are two sectors that can most reflect the core competitiveness of NEXGO.

Following the trend of the digital economy

Standing in the revolution of mobile payment, NEXGO launches 3 to 5 new products every year to meet the requirements of the market and seize the opportunity. The healthcare security integrated service terminal shown in the report is the latest and in-house developed product of NEXGO.

The facial recognition module is integrated into this terminal. Moreover, MR980 contains code scanning payment, ID recognition, and other functions. It is one of the first batch devices that have been approved by the Chinese National Healthcare Security Administration and was released on the official website of Bank Card Test Center.

Besides, NEXGO targeted digital finance, grasped the opportunity of pilot use of the central bank’s digital currency (CBDC), and developed a series of products supporting CBDC payment. N6 is one of these products.

N6 is slim and light, the thinnest part is only 12.6mm. With the 5.0” HD touchscreen, you can get clearer customer e-signatures, read more information at one time, and the operation is simpler just like your smartphone. N6 also supports CBDC payment. It is sold in Europe, Latin America, and other regions.

We are expecting more NEXGO stories written by NEXGOers, partners, clients, and users. NEXGO will create more and more value with its high-quality products and services.

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