Sep 16,2021
People at NEXGO--Ada Li, Vice Director APAC & Russia, NEXGO China

“I joined NEXGO directly in 2013 as a sales manager. It’s been 8 years that I become a part of the NEXGO family. It was not that complete for the overseas market in NEXGO then and there, so we are the first-timers.

It was a long shot since no one could tell which way is the correct one. I needed to find the solution by myself. To clear the way for a new beginning, I went on business trips regularly to meet clients, do business, and open up new markets. Cambodia is the first market I got. We had a deal with one of the most famous local bank in Cambodia. That was the beginning, I opened up markets in Thailand, Russia and other countries step by step. My kid was just 5 months, so I brought her with me for my job. She’s already been to a lot of countries when she was a baby!

I am a super mommy and an outstanding vice director. NEXGO and my family made me who I am today. When I was pregnant, I didn’t quit my position. I took care of my kids during the day and worked at night. My family gave me a lot of support. They helped me with housework and the kids so that I can focus on my work. NEXGO provided me a flexible, receptive, and friendly working environment. Therefore, I got a lot of free time to accompany my kids didn’t lose opportunities in my career as two kids’ mother.”

-Ada Li, Vice Director APAC & Russia, NEXGO China

Ada Li, Vice Director APAC & Russia, NEXGO China

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