XTMS 3.0

XTMS 3.0 is a web-based terminal management system connecting NEXGO partners, clients, their merchants and app developers. By using this multifunctional and modular system, you can manage merchants, devices and software in a faster and securer way, and get more opportunities and benefits through App Store, Advertising Management and other modules.

A Web-Based Network
  • Merchants
  • Terminals
  • Developers
  • Apps
  • Terminal Database

    Terminal Management, Merchant Management, Channel Control

  • Maintenance

    Update Management, Key Management, Remote Control

  • Software Control

    App Management, Parameter Management

  • Value-Added Services

    App Store, Ads Management

  • Risk Management*

    Electronic Fence, Certificate Management

  • Admin

    Log Management, User Authority

System Health Monitoring

All-round and real-time health monitoring of the server. Make full use of the resources efficiently and reasonably.

CPU Utilization:

Monitoring the CPU utilization in various states, optimize to avoid the overload of the server.

Memory Usage:

Record the total memory and its real-time usage to ensure the server has sufficient memory.

Hard Disk Usage:

Regular cleanup of the log files to guarantee sufficient disk space.

XTMS 3.0 terminal tracking

Terminal Tracking and Maintenance

NEXGO XTMS 3.0 terminal tracking and maintenance
  • Remote Control

    Obtaining Terminal Status
    Remote Command Execution

  • Remote Update

    Application Update
    Firmware Update

  • Key Management

    Remote Key Loading(TR-34)
    RKL Customization

NEXGO XTMS 3.0 ads management
Ads Management

NEXGO partners and clients can build their own brands through Ads Management module, and easily update the banners and other static resources on apps under XTMS system.

On Terminals

Boot Logo, Boot Animation, Shutdown Animation, Standby Interface

On Apps

Banner, Static Resource