NEXGO QR Code Payment
QR Code Payment

QR code payment is popular in some countries and regions with the development of e-wallet. There’re two ways to use QR payment code. First, merchants scan the QR code of consumers. Second, consumers scan the money collecting QR code of merchants. Both ways can be applied in different scenarios. It also can be customized for various industries, like logistics and supermarkets.

By using QR code payment, you’ll get:
Cashless, cardless e-wallet payment
Consumer self-service scanning payment
Offline payment under the condition of merchant scanning

Key Technologies

Code Recognition
Two dimensional :QR Code
One dimensional:Code128 , Code39


Apps and Web-Based Platforms for functional settings and reports

Voice Broadcasting Broadcasts the real-time payment or order information.


Code Scanner with different recognition precision and focal distance

Speaker NEXGO offers volume adjustable speakers up to 80dB.

NEXGO QR Code Payment Technology

Usage Scenarios

  • Merchant Scanning

    E-wallet payment, cashless and cardless.

  • Consumer Scanning

    Self-service, solves queuing problem.

  • Offline Payment

    No requirement of network.