NEXGO Fingerprint Recognition
Fingerprint Recognition

As a mature technology, fingerprint technology has been widely used all over the world. Everyone‘s fingerprints are unique and securer than 6-number passwords. And the hardware module of fingerprint recognition is flexible to be applied in different products.

By using fingerprint recognition, you’ll get:
1.Cashless, cardless and phoneless fast payment
2.Quick access to apps or terminals
3.Secure identity checking and matching online

Key Technologies


Fingerprint Identification Algorithms stable and reliable

Live Finger Detection The system is internationally certified and can automatically detect fake fingers such as silicone fingers.


Capacitive/Optical Scanner multiple modules from cost-effective to pro

Flexible and Optional Fingerprint identification module can be flexibly integrated on NEXGO products, built-in or as an accessory.

NEXGO Fingerprint Recognition Technology

Usage Scenarios
  • Fast Payment

    Cashless, cardless and phoneless.

  • App or Terminal Login

    No need to enter account name and password.

  • ID Checking and Matching

    Can be used in police, and smart city industries.