NEXGO Facial Recognition
Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is turning more popular nowadays, majorly due to its convenience and high level of acceptability, and it is becoming part of payment industry as well.

By using facial recognition, you’ll get:
1.Cashless, cardless and phoneless fast payment
2.Quick access to apps or terminals
3.Secure identity checking and matching onlin

Key Technologies

3D Structured Light Cameras Help build 3D face models to achieve face recognition with high accuracy rate within one millisecond.

Adaptable Can be used at night or in the dark, capture facial expression and recognize changes of the face.

Anti-Spoofing Users can directly complete the liveness check when their faces are captured by the camera, and it will defend consumers from the attack of photos, masks, photos on the screens, etc.


High-Precision Facial Recognition Algorithms Adopt deep learning measures to prevent face spoofing and greatly improve accuracy.

T-OS Runs the key information in the T-OS and isolates it from Android system, which can effectively reduce the risk of information leakage of facial payment users.


Built-in Security Chip a financial-level hardware shield

Hardware Protection Multiple NEXGO self-developed physical technologies protect devices from illegal dismantling.

NEXGO Facial Recognition Technology

Usage Scenarios
  • Fast Payment

    Cashless, cardless and phoneless.

  • App or Terminal Login

    No need to enter account name and password.

  • ID Checking and Matching

    Can be used in police, and smart city industries.