6.0 Inches & Android 9.X Powered

Non-Banking Smart POS Terminal

NEXGO P200 smart POS terminal

P200 is a 6.0” non-banking smart POS terminal based on Android 9.X. It supports a wide range of connectivity methods, including 4G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. P200 also takes an 80mm/s fast printer with the advantages of low noise and low power consumption.

  • 6.0” Screen

    HD+, 1440*720

  • Android 9.X

    Outstanding Performance

  • Connectivity

    4G/3G/2G, Wi-Fi, BT

NEXGO P200 smart POS terminal 6 Inche Screen
Large HD+ Screen

The 6.0“ big HD+ screen on the P200 makes it more excellent for usage scenarios nowadays. It’s clearer, larger, more beautiful, and more convenient.

  • 6.0 Inches

  • 1440 x 720

  • Touchscreen

NEXGO P200 smart POS terminal Android 9 Pie
Outstanding Performance

P200 is powered by Android 9.X and uses a quad-core 1.4GHz high-speed processor.




1GB RAM + 8GB Flash
2GB RAM + 16GB Flash(Optional)

NEXGO P200 smart POS terminal full connectivity
The Full Range of Connectivity

Besides 4G/3G/2G connectivity, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also available. P200 can be flexibly used in different environments no matter what kind of communication method you're using.

NEXGO P200 smart POS terminal Thermal Printer
Clearer and Faster Printing

The built-in high-speed printer of P200 uses the leading printing technology, it consumes less power and prints receipts quietly.

  • 80mm/s

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Low Noise

NEXGO P200 smart POS terminal High Capacity Battery
High Capacity Battery

P200 can continuously work for 15 hours, and still print receipts at high speed when the battery is low.

  • 240+ Hours

  • ≥600 Transactions

NEXGO P200 smart POS terminal Rich Scenarios
Rich Scenarios

P200 can be widely used in a variety of scenarios, such as food ordering and payment, online food delivery, queuing, mobile top-up, utilities, lotteries, member points, parking charges, etc.

NEXGO P200 smart POS terminal NFC and QR Code Payment

NFC and QR Code Payment

There’re three ways to make payments, QR codes, member cards, and cash.