Clearer and Faster

Non-Financial Smart POS Terminal

NEXGO smart POS terminal P100

P100 is the first cost-effective non-banking smart POS terminal launched by NEXGO in 2020. Its outstanding high-quality printing function meets a variety of printing needs. The 7.4V 2600 mAh battery with advanced power management system can print 1000+ times on a single charge.

  • Quality Printing

    High-Pressure Printer

  • Power-Efficient

    Prints 1000+ Receipts

  • Flexible

    For Different Usage Scenarios

NEXGO smart POS terminal P100 printer
Clearer and Faster Printing

A unique high-pressure printing technology is used to the thermal printer of P100, printed text and graphics are clearer. The printing speed is increased by 30%, 70 mm per second.

  • High-Pressure

  • 70 mm/s

  • 58 mm

NEXGO smart POS terminal P100 battery
Consumption Design

The 7.4V 2600 mAh battery built in P100 uses an advanced power management system, it supports 1000+ receipt printings, standby time is up to 240 hours and 20% higher than our competitors’ products.

  • 240 Hours

  • 1000+ Receipts

NEXGO smart POS terminal P100 scenarios
For Different Usage Scenarios

P100 can be flexibly and widely used for cash payment, mobile top-up, utilities, lotteries, member points, parking charges etc.

  • Cash Payment

  • Mobile Top-up

  • Utilities

  • Lotteries

  • Member Points

  • Parking Charges

NEXGO smart POS terminal P100 5-inch screen
5.0” Touchscreen

The 5.0 " FWVGA touchscreen of P100 clearly display the operation information, quickly obtain customers’ e-signatures, and most importantly, help you easily control the terminal by touching the screen.

  • 5.0 Inches

  • 854 x 480

  • Touchscreen

Streamline Design

The unique streamline design of the back is beautiful and more comfortable to grab it.

22 mm

Thickness of the Thinnest Part of P100



NEXGO smart POS terminal P100 design
NEXGO smart POS terminal P100 rear camera
2MP Rear Camera

The rear 2MP camera of P100 helps scan 1D and 2D barcodes. You can also replace it by a 5MP camera with flash to get more functions.

  • 1D & 2D

  • Facial Recognition

  • Photos