Standalone QR Code
Payment Terminal
NEXGO QR code payment terminal KD66

KD66 is a standalone QR code payment terminal that does not require connection to other devices. One built-in speaker broadcasts payment amount and result. Two screens on the terminal and keyboard synchronize the transaction information for merchants and consumers.

  • Standalone

    No Need of ECR

  • Speaker

    Broadcasting Payments

  • Dual-Display

    On the Terminal and Keyboard

Standalone NEXGO QR code payment terminal KD66
Standalone Terminal

KD66 QR code payment terminal can complete QR payment independently. It has built-in ARM processor, memory, battery, and an external keyboard, all you need is to put it on the table.

NEXGO QR code payment terminal KD66 speaker
Broadcasting Payment Messages

KD66 supports transaction amount and result broadcasting. Merchants can confirm payments by instant voice information.

  • Amount

  • Result

NEXGO QR code payment terminal KD66 dual-display

When the cashier enters the amount on the keyboard, the terminal will display it synchronously.

More Ergonomic

The classic box design of KD66 is for downward code scanning, and one screen on the “ladder” is used to display transaction amount.

87.7 mm


Ladder-Shaped Design

For Display

Durable Keyboard

Waterproof, Oilproof and Dustproof

NEXGO QR code payment terminal KD66 design
NEXGO QR code payment terminal KD66 reading speed
0.3s Reading Speed

There are only two steps to complete one payment by using KD66, calculating or inputting transaction amount and scanning QR code. KD66 can greatly improve payment efficiency and alleviate the queuing problem.

  • Physical Keyboard

  • 0.3s