QR Code Scanner

Ergonomic Ladder-Shaped Design

NEXGO QR code scanner KD61

KD61 adopts the unique ladder-shaped design of NEXGO QR terminal series. It has remarkable performance, scanning precision is ≥5mil, highly integrated. Plug and play without programming.

  • Ergonomic

    Ladder-Shaped Design

  • Remarkable


  • Plug and Play


NEXGO QR code scanner KD61 design
More Ergonomic

The classic box design of KD61 is for downward code scanning, and one platform on the “ladder” displays logo or scanning instruction.

72 mm


Ladder-Shaped Design

For Branding or Scanning Instruction

NEXGO QR code scanner KD61 performance
Remarkable Performance

KD61 wide-angle barcode scanner has a flexible recognition function accepting 0-55cm distance QR codes with recognition precision ≥ 5mil.

  • 0-55cm

  • 5mil