Jul 15, 2021
People at NEXGO--Spring Lee, Vice Director, NEXGO China

“It’s been 11 years that I worked in NEXGO. I’m in charge of business in the Middle East, India, European markets.

Why do I stick it for so long? Let me put it in two parts. NEXGO is a combination of tradition and innovation. It provides hardware, software, solutions, and services. We have a strong and professional R&D team which means our products are robust and advanced. Moreover, NEXGO products are always following the new trends with continuously updated functions. They solve merchants’ pain points precisely.

The second reason I devoted myself to FinTech is that finance matters in everyone’s life. We do pay or gain every day, omni-channel payment became significant since the transactions are growing. Therefore, I have great confidence in the future of this field.

NEXGO is now focusing on the overseas market. We pull resources together from different parts and get them for our clients. We are building a multi-functional payment eco-system which names NEXGO Cloud. It enables terminal management system, remote key injection, software management, app store, etc. As a leading company in FinTech, NEXGO always surprises me!”

-Spring Lee, Vice Director, NEXGO China

Spring Lee, Vice Director, NEXGO China