miniPOS with Industry Leading Dual CPU Architecture Design
NEXGO miniPOS K300

K300 is one of the smallest and most functional miniPOS in the industry, it has the powerful processor, Arm Cortex-A7 with the speed of 1.3GHz. Creative dual CPU architecture is firstly applied to the miniPOS. And 5 modes for communication on the K300 help users to deal with different network environments.

  • Performant

    Arm Cortex-A7 1.3GHz

  • Dual-CPU

    Industry-Leading Architecture Design

  • Real 4G

    4G/3G/2G, Wi-Fi, BLE5.0

NEXGO miniPOS K300 processor and memory
Processor and Memory

The high-speed processor of K300 helps small and medium business owners handle complex operations flexibly and smoothly.

Arm Cortex-A7



256MB Flash+256MB RAM

NEXGO miniPOS K300 dual-cpu
Leading Dual CPU

Industry-leading architecture enables k300 to enhance product performance in a compact design.

NEXGO miniPOS K300 4G 3G Bluetooth
Real 4G

K300 is a real 4G miniPOS, it also adopts Qualcomm chipsets and powerful communication module which helps speed up the connection to the Internet and cloud.

  • 4G

  • 3G

  • 2G

  • Wi-Fi

  • BLE5.0

2 x SIM + 1 x SAM

NEXGO enhanced its communication function by designing 3 card slots at back, 2 for SIM and 1 for SAM, to help merchants switch between two different mobile networks.

NEXGO miniPOS K300 3 card slots
NEXGO miniPOS K300 size

As its name implies, K300 is small and only weighs 175g for convenient carrying; merchants can put it in the pocket or a toolbox.

138 x 68 mm

Smaller surface than a general smartphone



Payment Methods

K300 accepts payments of magnetic stripe cards, IC cards and contactless/NFC.

NEXGO miniPOS K300 payment methods

NEXGO miniPOS K300 operating temperature

The operating temperature range of K300 is -10℃ to 40℃, even the temperature drops below zero, K300 will serve the merchants, especially for cold areas and seasons.