NEXGO Transportation Solution

With the improvement of the intelligence and convenience of NEXGO payment terminals, more and more companies belonging to the transportation industry start to use NEXGO products. Advanced payment solutions of transportation industry will help people reach their destinations more efficiently and happily, NEXGO offers public transportation payment solutions to achieve automated payment, and provides light and portable payment terminals to other fields.

  • Passenger Transportation

  • Toll Stations

  • Petrol

Case of
Passenger Transportation

The solution includes

Hardware NEXGO Bi30
Software Management System

Bi30 is the payment terminal equipped on buses, it supports the payment of UnionPay, citizen cards, bus cards, ODA, NFC and QR codes.

4.3" WQVGA Color Screen

To clearly display payment information

Full Connection

4G, Bluetooth(Optional), Wi-Fi(Optional), NET(Optional)

Case of Toll Stations

The solution includes
Hardware NEXGO Hi80
Software Management system

Hi80 is the terminal particularly designed for toll stations, it accepts payments of contactless/NFC and QR codes.

10.6" Big Screen

Extremely big screen for more visible and bigger letters and numbers.

Highly Flexible

3 NFC modules on the top, left and right;
2 scanners on the left and right.


IP65 dustproof and waterproof