NEXGO Retail Solution

New retail, merging online and offline, is the trend of the retail industry. In order to provide consumers with secure and fast payment, in addition to improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, flexible and multifunctional apps are also important to adapt to the trend of new retail and endless promotion methods. NEXGO payment terminals can be used for different online and offline scenarios, carry a variety of retail industry apps, including inventory management, membership management, billing and cashiering, sales statistics and other functions.

  • Portable

  • Desktop

  • Software

Case of Convenient Stores

The solution includes

Hardware NEXGO cash registers, POS terminals, facial recognition payment terminals, QR terminals and scales
Software Management system and apps on the devices


Purchasing, Sales and Inventory Management

Items and Categories

Chain Store Management



Offline and Online Orders
Order Records


Get item information by touching the screen, scanning barcodes and weighing

Payment Collection


Membership Management


NEXGO Retail Solution Case