NEXGO Store is an innovative app system for market owners, developers and merchants, different roles will find their opportunities here.

Private Stores

To create a securer payment and shopping environment, NEXGO Store also offers the functions for companies to build their private stores.

Public Store

On the public store, NEXGO builds a big platform for app providers around the world to present apps to their target audiences.

NEXGO App Store
Build the Private Store

Companies can check every app in their private store, upload their own apps, and select the needed apps from the public store to enhance merchants’ experience.

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Easy App Uploading

Upload the apps you developed to merchants for your private store in an easy way. If you need any help, NEXGO Developer Platform is here for you.

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Sales Records

App providers can read rich and detailed sales data by using NEXGO Cloud, keep track of the performance of your apps and get the insights.

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Manage Your Carousel

You can upload the banners to manage your carousel and push the ads you want to merchants.

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Featured Apps

Highlight the apps under recommended (featured apps) by 3 steps, search, click and confirm, hence improve the exposure, clicks, and sales.

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Release your apps to the world’s tier one market for merchants!

As No.4 POS terminal supplier around the world, NEXGO has over 38, 000,000 terminals deployed in over 100 countries and regions.

Huge user base creates opportunities for market owners and apps developers to attract hardware users to download the apps they develop and supply.

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Release Apps to Designated Regions

App providers can release their apps to designated countries and modules through NEXGO Developer Platform(NDP) in only 3 steps, promoting their apps to more precise and refined target audiences.

Full range of apps

Full range of apps meet merchants’ need. Up to now, we have retail, restaurant, service, travel, etc. in the NEXGOStore.

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App Promotion

We’re building a world-level platform for app providers to promote their apps effectively and efficiently through various channels and get more potential end users.

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Global Partnership

NEXGO App Store always welcomes creative, functional and other apps needed by our end users. We are now recruiting global partners to provide more localized software services to our users in different countries and regions.

Copyright Review

NEXGO ensures that each apps provider has been reviewed and is qualified. The operator from NEXGO will review copyright of the apps provider. Once reviewers find that the app doesn’t belong to the provider,it will be rejected. NEXGO values great thoughts from everyone.

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