NEXGO RKI is a remote key injection service that allows new keys to be injected in thousands of POS terminals at the customer site instantly and remotely. Users can check the key injection status and information anytime anywhere.

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PCI PIN3.1 Certification

POS terminals must rely on a reliable key system to ensure the security of transactions. Therefore, the management of keys and key life cycles is critical.The PCI PIN security standard is the highest requirement for key management in the payment industry.

NEXGO is a PCI PIN 3.1 certified QPA (Qualified PIN assessor), with state-of-the-art remote key injection capability, can become an integral part of your PCI and security strategy by providing the highest level of security and compliance with every key injection performed.

Remote Injection is a Cost-Effective Way

Thousands of terminals can be remotely injected at the customer site in minutes. New keys can be injected remotely, eliminating downtime for merchants. Moreover, RKI solution can be applied to other brand POS terminals (with customized development).

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2 portals to sign inand check the status

The RKI app or module of NEXGO Cloud will help users check the key injection status and information anytime anywhere.